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Angryfox is a new brand, which was established by a group of flashlights revolutionaries who come together in order to achieve a desirable goal -“make professional and fun flashlights”

Our slogan:Enjoy your bright colorful outdoor life.

Our mission:innovation leader of the outdoor sports lighting. 

Angryfox products can be widely used in the fields of outdoor sports, industry, law enforcement, military etc, since all the products are released with excellent performance and reliable quality, fun using experience, we always uphold the principle and direction of development!

Why we name our brand “Angryfox”
For “Angry”, one of its meaining in Chinese is similar as “Striving”
For “Fox”, we all know it is a wise animal in wildlife.
When the wise fox is striving for her goal, the engegy is blew up, what will happen?


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