PW08 waist-lamp


Product Description

The WH08 waist light provides the ultimate UltrAspire Wide Lighting experience, it’s like turning on the sun. The Wh08 features an 800, 500 Steady Beam, 200 Steady Beam,Waringlight and Strobe light setting. This patent pending light is powered off of an sorft leatherwear battery pack that holds two of 18650 batteries for double the battery life.Included is an Easily power on/off or adjust the brightness of your Lumen by pressing the lens or the rim of the light during those fatigued adventures. This light features our Race Fit which is a fatigue-freebuckle and adjustmentLightweight components and materials create an almost unnoticeable on-the-body feel without compromising durability.Only 58g weightProportional weight distribution combined with our conical belt shape create balanced load and a no-bounce ride.


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